The Chest of Many Layers


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A fully customisable storage box for your dice and RPG bits, including a detachable magnetic roll tray.

You choose:
– how many layers you need,
– what type of layers you would like (standard depth for dice, cards & pencils or double depth for minis),
– what order you would like them in,
– the colour of the wood and;
– the type of material decorating the lid and the roll tray (faux leather or velvety).

Please add a note at checkout stating your colour and material preferences. Please also state if you would like dice layers (will hold 8 sets of dice), pencil & card layers, or a mixture of both.


This item contains very powerful neodymium magnets. You should avoid putting these in close proximity with items that may be affected by a strong magnetic field; for example, cardiac pacemakers, programmable hydrocephalus shunts, bank cards and hard drives.

These items are created by hand and therefore have a lead time of 2 weeks.

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